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My site is chockful of puzzles, crafts, and book activities.



Welcome to my website!

The recent revisions to my site may still have some wrinkles that we need to iron out, so if you run into any issues, can't find an activity that used to be on the site, or have any suggestions, please let Indigo know. Thank you for your patience!

I just got back from the 10th Annual First Class Pre-K Conference in Mobile, AL. I have some time off from traveling (until March), which will allow me to focus on manuscripts and to experiment with new techniques. March 12th, I will be at the Read Aloud Delaware Conference in Dover, DE, and March 22nd-23rd, I will be at the Delaware City Schools in Delaware, OH

Color, Light, Line, and Texture flyer

March 31st - April 3rd, Ashley Wolff and I will be leading Color, Light, Line, and Texture: A Highlights Foundation Workshop in Pennsylvania.

Using unusual materials such as toothpaste, lotion, curtain panels, and special papers, we will create sun prints, simple silk screens, batik, pastel stencils, wax resist, negative paintings, and poured watercolors. We will discuss how these techniques can be used in book illustration along with a brief overview of book design.

It will be a weekend of media exploration, excitement, and just plain fun!