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This year’s Super Children's Book Boot Camp was another resounding success—a lot of fun and an abundance of productivity! Visit The Highlights Foundation website to learn about next year’s Super Children’s Book Boot Camp—you can also find more information on next year's Color, Light, Line, and Texture Hands-on Workshop with Ashley Wolfe and me.

Maggie and Michael Get Dressed is now available! Be sure to take a look at it’s new activity page. More activities will be added soon.

My other new book this year, 5 Little Ducks, will be released in November—you can pre-order now from your favorite bookseller!

I recently donated a coloring page to be included in The Texas Library Association’s Adult Coloring Book. The “Coloring Book is the newest initiative and fundraiser designed to support TLA’s Disaster Relief efforts.” Visit the TLA website to learn more!

I am also on Instagram now as denise_fleming_books and on Pinterest as Denise Fleming Books. Check out all of my social media:

My Newest Book

My Newest Book

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