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MMost of my books, from In the Tall, Tall Grass to 5 Little Ducks were illustrated with Pulp Painting. Some of the later pulp paintings included minimal accents that were added to the illustrations after they were completely dry, using oil pastels. In Barnyard Banter, I embedded additives—such as coffee grounds, oats, and the netting from bags of potatoes—in the paper to create even more barnyard texture. In underGROUND, I used an image transfer technique to add the "buried" objects to the otherwise completed pulp paintings. Go, Shapes, GO! was illustrated by combining hand poured paper backgrounds with collage, using interesting papers I had collected. This Is the Nest That Robin Built was my first book that did not include any pulp painting. Instead, it was illustrated by collaging papers that I had monoprinted and then adding colored pencil accents.

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